10 Reasons Why You Should Come To Summer Camp

28th June 2018

This August SYMT will be heading down to Life Teen Summer Camp! If you're in secondary school, we think you should join us, here's 10 reasons why...

  1. Because you can never have too many friends!

Camp is a great place to strengthen your friendships, and make new ones! We love when groups come down to join us, why not see if your confirmation group, youth group and altar servers want a week of fun? Young people come from all over, nationally and internationally, to camp so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else going, camp is full of friendly faces!

It can be hard as a teenager sometimes to let down walls and just be yourself, summer camp makes this easy. There’s no pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain person… You are welcomed just as you are! After a week full of authentic fun, fellowship and faith you’ll leave with friendships that will last well after you’ve left camp.

2. Because you get to live in a castle for a week!

If you’ve never been to Alton Castle before, you’ll love it. If you have, you’ll know what an incredible setting it is for a week away! You’ll be staying, playing and praying beneath the turrets of the castle, it doesn’t get much better than #castlelife.

3. Because there’s an activity for everyone!

Whether you want to be flying high on the climbing wall and outdoor obstacle course or spend time being creative with your friends, there’s something for you to enjoy at summer camp. There’ll be opportunities to try something new; you might have to test you courage or take a leap of faith but you’ll have your friends to cheer you on!

4. Because the messier the better!

We have two words for you… messy games! A highlight of the week for many people, messy games does exactly what it says on the tin. We’re talking paint, mud, baby food… the messier you get the more fun you’ll have!

5. Because small groups are awesome!

Over the course of your week at summer camp you’ll meet in your small group. Small groups are an opportunity to gather  with other young people and share your experiences. The campers in your small group become like your family for the week; it’s a safe space to talk about what you’ve been hearing and feeling during the day and ask any questions you might have.

6. Because we love music!

Music plays a huge role in summer camp. From dance parties in the morning to praising at night we find lots of young people love expressing themselves through music. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re any good, this isn’t a solo gig, teams from at home and further afield will lead us in times of prayer, using music to help us worship God.

7. Because this summer camp goes to theme parks!

Good news for all you adrenaline junkies! We’ll spend a day of Summer Camp just next door at Alton Towers. Plenty of time to ride the rollercoasters, eat candyfloss and make memories with your summer camp fam.

8. Because you’ll grow in faith!

We fly speakers in from across the world to teach us about our faith at summer camp. Each day you’ll explore what it means to be Catholic through relatable, engaging and funny talks. You’ll also spend time learning how to strengthen your relationship with God in a way that is easy and accessible. Each day also has times of prayer whether that’s everyone together, in small groups or simply you and Jesus, summer camp is about journeying together in faith.

9. Because we are formed by the sacraments!

We’re blessed at Summer Camp to have priests join us from across the country to celebrate the sacraments for us. There will be mass, adoration and opportunities to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. The sacraments are the heart of the Catholic life, and it’s no different at summer camp!

10. Because… Jesus is the reason we’re here!

Jesus has called each and every person to summer camp for a reason, He has something for you to receive while you’re there.  Why not come along to summer camp and find out what gifts and graces Jesus has particularly for you?!

If you think you'd like to join us this summer at Alton Castle, send the team an email for a booking form!

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