REFLECTION – Corpus Christi

1st June 2018

This is my body; this is my blood

You might not realise this - but the Eucharist, Jesus, has changed your life! In receiving Holy Communion, the Body and blood of Christ, you allow Him into your life in an intimate way. Sometimes we are not aware of this gift we have been given and may approach Holy Communion with indifference and hostility. This Sunday - really listen to the readings. Listen about the Covenant God made with His people within the Old Testament of the First Reading and in the Second Reading about how Jesus is the New Covenant.

The Eucharist is a beautiful gift. A gift that should not be wasted. Jesus is ready and willing to use us, with all our failings, you have nothing to lose and all of heaven to gain.

“The world is beautiful and reveals the beauty of God, but spiritual realities, such as the Holy Eucharist, are far more beautiful.  To see the beauty of God, present in the Most Holy Eucharist, you need eyes of faith. One of the best ways to sharpen your vision of this beauty is through adoration.”  (St Faustina - Diary #1692).



REFLECTION – Trinity Sunday

When some of the disciples doubted Jesus He told them that all authority has been given to him from heaven and earth.  He told the disciples to go out and make disciples of all nations. When I hear this reading it reminds me very much of Youth Ministry. In my eleventh year working in Youth […]

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BLOG: What my Confirmation Saint has taught me

My Confirmation and my Patron Saint I was confirmed a whole load of time ago. I was in Yr 6 (this is when you are confirmed in the Archdiocese of Birmingham). I remember very little of our Preparation sessions – but my mum has still saved my work book. One thing that does stick in […]

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