REFLECTION Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

6th July 2018

Jesus' ministry was no simple task; even with his 12 disciples with him his ministry had many ups and downs. When Jesus went from village to village he had no idea how receptive or open people would be to him but this never put Jesus off, he was challenged many times, but he continued to preach, and heal people.

The times when Jesus wasn’t welcomed in villages he simply moved on by dusting off his sandals and walked to the next village. His confidence and determination was never in question, he hardly become disheartened.

We can become very disheartened at times ourselves with many things, but when we pray we give everything into God’s hands, prayer not only strengthens our faith, it helps us put our trust more in God in every situation of our lives.

Through prayer we give everything over to God, our joys, sorrows, disappointments; God allows doors to be closed and opens doors for us, just like Jesus moved from village to village.

Sometimes we can be very careful of what we say to each other, but when it comes to talking about our faith and what it’s done for us we can be assured that giving witness of faith doesn’t go unnoticed by our Father in heaven.





What we were up to in June

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BLOG ‘To The Heights!’ Our Patron Saint Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

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