REFLECTION Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th July 2018

When Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes it showed his authority and divinity, I can’t help but think if I had witnessed that miracle how in awe I would be. Once the miracle was performed Jesus broke the bread and shared it with others.  

When we come to Sunday Mass to receive the Eucharist we too are witnessing a miracle with the transformation of bread into the body and blood of Jesus. While we can’t see physically the transformation into the body and blood of Jesus we believe it in our hearts and this is our faith.

We can take Sunday Mass for granted sometimes as Catholics around the world are persecuted for practising their faith, some will walk miles to receive communion and yet in this country we are free to express our faith attend Mass not far from where we live.

Maybe next time we go to Mass and receive the Eucharist we can also receive communion in unity for those Catholics who can’t receive because of persecution.



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