REFLECTION – Seventh Sunday of Easter

11th May 2018

Today’s Gospel reading presents me with both a challenge and consolation.
Jesus prays ‘As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.’ Christ is sending us out, to bring His Good News to everyone. However we know that this message is not always wanted, or well received; Jesus even says that the world has hated us.

Living out our faith in our current society isn’t always easy; sometimes we are mocked or misunderstood. Jesus tells us that this is because we are ‘not of this world’, our home is in Heaven with Him. He goes on to say that we shouldn’t shy away or remove ourselves from society but prays that our Father in Heaven will protect us from any evil.

This seems like a big challenge, so what’s the consolation here? Although being Christian might be tough sometimes Jesus has given us ‘a full measure of joy’. When it feels as though it is too difficult to be a young Catholic today we can remind ourselves that Jesus has already ‘overcome the world’ and His joy remains with us.



REFLECTION – Sixth Sunday of Easter

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What we’ve been up to this April 2018

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