REFLECTION – Sixth Sunday of Easter

4th May 2018

Love is a word that we use so much these days, it’s a word that we tend to overuse instead of using the word ‘like’, Especially in terms of material things and possessions. It’s a word to be used for affection and our feelings towards family, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, and today in the Gospel we are reminded it is also something that perfectly describes God. In the Gospel we hear the word love many times, Jesus tell us that if we keep His commandments we will remain in His love.

This is no easy task, and requires a great deal of self-discipline and prayer. If we break one of those commandments we are encouraged to use the sacrament of reconciliation to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy. We are given a penance to atone for our sins, and help repair our relationship with Christ and remain in his love. By remaining in His love we act as true Christians to others.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that we did not choose him, but he chose us, and he encourages each and every one of us to lead a holy life, a life that is filled with love. In the world today we are surrounded by so much sadness and despair, that we could easily get bogged down ourselves, but with our faith in Christ and the love of Christ in our lives we can make a difference in the world today. God appointed each one of us so that we might go out and bear fruit, fruit that will last, if we follow the commandment love one another we will go some way into making a difference in today’s world.




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