REFLECTION Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8th June 2018

I remember in primary school singing a song about belonging to the family of God, it’s something that I’ve been told many times growing up: that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

This sequence of events in today’s gospel emphasises to me the importance of the Church sticking together as a family. Jesus Himself says that ‘a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.’ Whatever our Earthly experiences of family are, we should be a united family in Christ.

Jesus says that ‘whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister’. As baptised Christians, we are called to seek the will of God and live it out.

Being part of a family sometimes requires sacrifice, we compromise and we choose to love. Being part of God’s family is just the same. Pope Franics says this:

“In families, there are difficulties, but these difficulties are overcome with love. Hate doesn’t overcome any difficulty. Division of hearts doesn’t overcome any difficulty. Only love is capable of overcoming difficulties. Love is a festival. Love is joy. Love is to keep moving forward.”

Your sister in Christ,




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