REFLECTION – Third Sunday of Easter

13th April 2018

When Jesus appears to His disciples He tries to calm them, as they think it is a spirit that is appearing to them. He says to them, “Peace be upon you.” It does little to calm the disciples and Jesus reassures them to not be afraid. To show that it is really Him, He offers His hands and feet as evidence. Furthermore He eats with His disciples. Something that would have been so familiar to that group.

I think it’s safe to say the disciples were very much feeling a sense of fear but also doubt. For us we can feel those two emotions on a daily basis. When these two emotions are connected to our faith, particularly doubt, it can be a very testing time. Life’s events can trouble us deeply, we can doubt our faith, and also be fearful of the unknown. I’m sure many of us would like Jesus to appear to us in the flesh and tell us everything is going to be ok. What we have to trust in is prayer. Prayer connects us to Jesus. He can help us to trust in our faith to help make sense of the troubling times in our lives.

When we come through these troubling times do we thank God for His help in the struggle?

Do we share how our faith has helped us with others?



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