REFLECTION Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

29th June 2018

‘Little girl, I say to you arise.’

When I read this passage I am struck by the tenderness of Jesus towards the girl. The scene is chaos; the people gathered are distraught, they have just watched their friend’s daughter die. Yet Jesus enters the situation totally calm, his focus on the child. I love the image of Him taking her by the hand and speaking to her, just as a loving Father would do to wake a sleeping child in the morning.

While praying with this piece of scripture I have been reflecting on all of the aspects of my life that are ‘dead’, these are the things that don’t bring life. It could be a relationship that I’ve damaged by gossiping, the harsh words I have spoken, daily prayer that I’ve neglected, an unwillingness to allow God to lead my life… The list could go on, and I’m sure many of you have your own.

I like to think that Jesus is reaching out to me and saying ‘Sophie, I say to you arise’, just like in the scriptures. He takes me by the hand and brings all of the ‘dead’ in me back to life. He speaks life into my heart. I know that I can run to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and receive His mercy and resurrecting power in my life once again. I am so inspired by this piece of scripture I even have the Hebrew ‘Talitha Koum’ writeen above my bed as a daily reminder.

Today I’d encourage you to allow Jesus to speak life back into you as, in the words of today’s pslam ‘He has turned mourning into joy!’



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