REFLECTION – Trinity Sunday

25th May 2018

When some of the disciples doubted Jesus He told them that all authority has been given to him from heaven and earth.  He told the disciples to go out and make disciples of all nations. When I hear this reading it reminds me very much of Youth Ministry. In my eleventh year working in Youth Ministry I am always consciously aware that I don’t feel worthy or holy enough to deliver the Gospel message to young people and to help claim them as disciples for Christ and the greater glory of God. Whenever I feel  inadequate, a sinner, unworthy, I feel an overwhelming sense of mercy, forgiveness and love from God. It’s always difficult to measure the success of Youth Ministry, is it the number of young people going to Mass, or how many people come to an event? Thankfully not! However the most important thing in Youth Ministry is to look after your own spirituality, while this may seem selfish, it’s quite the opposite since if we cannot feed ourselves with the Eucharist and the word of God, how can we shine Christ’s light and love to others?  

When we receive the sacraments of the Church it enables us all to act and live like the disciples, enabling us to live out the Gospel more fully.

Dave Burke


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REFLECTION – Pentecost

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