Blog: Five Songs to use in Adoration

4th April 2018

I would love to say that I find Adoration easy. But I don’t! It’s the prospect of sitting (kneeling) still for so long that puts me on edge. Sometimes I just need that little bit extra help to focus. Is there a Catholic fidget spinner?! For the most part I think it is because I’m afraid of what might happen in Adoration, will Jesus reject me? Or worse will He talk to me?!


For me I know with all of my heart these three things about Adoration;

  1. Jesus is really there - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity
  2. He died for me
  3. I’m not worthy to be there with Him


And so going to Adoration makes me anxious. I think I am really scared of showing the real me - even though I know Jesus looks directly into my heart - sees all of my brokenness and loves me all the same. I’m afraid of the massive difference between the person I am, and the person God has made me to be. What happens during Adoration is a different story, however, my anxiety drips away. Jesus is the face of God’s mercy, and when we gaze upon Him in Adoration our hearts are open to His mercy. I often find that I desire to go the Confession during times of Adoration - that is because my heart wants to speak to Jesus’ heart. Pope Paul VI said that Adoration is like spending time with your best friend. You know you’re good friends with someone when you can sit in silence together. Adoration is like this. The times of silence are important.


To help me get to that point I sometimes listen to worship music. I find that the lyrics of the songs, which are based upon Scripture, help my heart (and my head) focus on spending time with Jesus. Here’s a list of five of my favourites. If you click on the image it will take you to a video of each song.

1) Behold the Lamb - CJM Music

2) O Come to the Altar - Elevation Worship

3) Your love defends me - Matt Maher

4) Fount of love - Jimmy Mitchell

This is an instrumental piece that will allow you to jump into the beautiful love story of Creation. 

5) What a beautiful Name - Bethel Music

All of these are on a Spotify playlist that can be found here:




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