Gospel Reflection for Sunday 11th October

11th October 2020

Matthew 22: 1-14

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

What’s the best party celebration you’ve ever been to?

In today’s Gospel Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a party, a wedding banquet in fact.

So who’s invited to this great party? Well, that’s the whole point to this parable. After those who the King originally invited didn’t turn up, he sends his servants out to invite everyone they can find.

That’s our job too! We are sent out to invite everyone we can find to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven. We don’t need to worry about who will accept or reject the invitation, simply to offer it.

But what about the man that turns up in his normal clothes? Well this is the person that tries to come to the party on his own terms, without reading the invitation. Yes, everyone is invited to the Kingdom of Heaven, but God asks us to do certain things once we accept.

We can see these things as the way God asks us to live our lives; loving one another, forgiving, and asking for forgiveness, spending time in prayer, putting God first.

God wants to invite everyone to the wedding banquet of Heaven. Who will you extend an invitation to this week?

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