Gospel Reflection for Sunday 13th September

13th September 2020

Matthew 18:21-35

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

So let’s talk about forgiveness, a tricky subject for sure! What does it mean to forgive someone?

Well if we look at the Gospel for today, the king was owed money by a man but cancelled or forgave the debt and let him go.

In our actual lives, we are asked to forgive someone for something they may owe us. Perhaps it is an apology for something hurtful they may have said or done, for not being a loyal friend to us when we needed them to be, for taking something of ours that did not belong to them, or for saying mean things behind our back.

We find it hard to forgive because we might think it means that the hurtful or mean thing done to us doesn’t matter. Of course, it matters! The hurt and pain are real. Or we might think that they don’t deserve to be “let off the hook”.

Forgive me please

We all have done things that we would like to be forgiven for. No one has gone through life without causing pain or hurt to another person. So forgiveness is an act of mercy that we give to another, whether it is deserved or not, as that person may be us!

I forgive you and free myself

Secondly, this act of forgiveness is more for our own sake than the other person. Sometimes our unforgiveness can lead to depression, anger, bitterness, or resentment and we can feel really miserable. When we forgive, we can step out of that cage filled with these awful feelings.  It is something we may have to forgive again and again as it comes to mind, but forgiveness can break the power that NOT forgiving has over us.

Jesus stands by me

None of this is easy, by the way. But we have Jesus as our friend and brother, so ask for his help: “Jesus, I am weak, I am hurting, please help me get through this”.

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