Gospel Reflection for Sunday 29th November

29th November 2020

Mark 13:33-37

1st Sunday of Advent

Happy New Year!

It may seem a strange thing to say at the beginning of December but, Advent is the beginning of the new Church Year. From now until next Advent most of our weekend Gospels will be from Mark.

Advent is a time to start preparing our hearts and minds for the birth of Jesus. It can be very easy to get caught up in the hustle, bustle and commerciality of Christmas but it’s important that we also take some time to really reflect upon the real reason for Christmas.

Taking time to prepare and be ready is what we hear in the Gospel today as we are told to ‘Stay awake’

As it is a New Year, why not make a resolution, what can you do to stay awake and be ready for Jesus coming – read the bible, keep a journal, take more time to sit and listen to God, find some advent music to listen to or something else?

What will you do?

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