Gospel Reflection for Sunday 6th September

6th September 2020

Matthew 18:15-20

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

How do you deal with conflict? Do you always avoid drama? Or do you embrace it?

Not everyone feels comfortable facing up to conflict, especially when it’s with our family and friends. Often, we don’t want to upset the balance, or ruin a good friendship; but is it worth carrying hurts and grudges throughout life?

In the Gospel we hear at Mass today Jesus tells us ‘whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’ We certainly don’t want all sorts of negativity and anxiety from our relationships with others kept in our hearts.

Jesus calls us to face up to those difficult conversations, but not in a reality-TV show kind of way, where drama is made public and everyone shouts over each other (nowhere in the Gospels will you hear the phrase ‘can you just let me speak, please?’).

When we place Jesus at the centre of our lives and at the heart of all our relationships, we can ‘gather in His name’ and resolve conflicts by a healthy discussion. In 2015 Pope Francis said this to young people:

“First, do not be afraid of tensions, because they make us grow; second, resolve tensions through dialogue, because dialogue unites, whether in the family or in a group of friends, and the path will be found to go on together, without losing one’s own identity; third, do not be too attached to tension because it will harm you.”

Is there someone you want to have an honest conversation with? Why not say a prayer that you can strengthen that relationship and resolve any tension with love? Let’s bind up all the love, goodness and positivity in our hearts that we can.


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