Gospel Reflection for Sunday 8th November

8th November 2020

Matthew 25:1-13

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Remembrance Sunday

‘Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.’

Raise your hand if you can be a bit of a procrastinator...Whether it’s putting off cleaning our room, washing the dishes or doing that piece of homework. When there’s a task to be done that isn’t our favourite, we can find a thousand other things to do before it!

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating with holiness too? It’s all too easy to slip into a cycle of thinking ‘when *this* happens then I’ll do *that*’. A classic example is that we think that we don’t have enough time to pray or serve others or that a bad habit is keeping us from becoming who God made us to be

Today’s Gospel is a wake up call. The bridesmaids were not ready for the bridegroom when he returned, they had not prepared their lamps. It was something as simple as buying some oil, then they would have been allowed to enter.

It’s the same for us, there’s not time to put off holiness! ‘Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.’ Well, Jesus is already here in our midst, now is the time! We do not have to grow in holiness in leaps and bounds today, but take small steps with our daily choice to follow Jesus.

On this Remembrance Sunday we can think of all those who have lost their lives in war and conflicts around the world, many who were not prepared for the suffering that came their way. We are reminded that we should be thankful for our lives and live them to the full.

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