28th December 2018

At first glance it might seem unnecessary to have a feast for the Holy Family. Jesus is celebrated all the time, Mary has many days to honour her and St Joseph has two feast days of his own. Why do we need another one for them all together? I think this is exactly the point; to honour the Holy Family together is a beautiful thing.

At Christmas it’s easy to be reminded of the Holy Family, there are school plays, tree decorations of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and many of our Churches will have Nativity scenes. But what was the day-to-day life like of Jesus’ family?

The Holy Family is such a wonderful example of what true familial peace, love and unity looks like. I’m sure they weren’t without their struggles and disagreements, and even the Holy Family needed to earn a living. Yet the example of this family reveals to us God’s own plan for family life and even more than this; in the Holy Family God invites every family to share in His love.

Today know that we are praying for every family. Whether it’s our biological family, friends who have become like family or those who feel very far away from any family, we ask the Holy Family of Nazareth to pray for us and to help us grow in love for one another.




Today we welcome the birth of Jesus, but we also welcome Jesus into our hearts, and rejoice in God our Saviour. When we woke up on Christmas day the excitement can be so overwhelming that our minds our focused elsewhere, what presents will I get this year, what desert could I go for later, we […]

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What we’ve been up to in December

December – Exploring Advent across the Diocese and more! Explore Advent The team have had a really busy month this December with our Explore Advent “Prepare Him Room” evening. Our regional evening events are a highlight of our calendar and it was wonderful to celebrate the Season of Advent across the Diocese.  This Advent we […]

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