11th January 2019

Faith and the Holy Spirit

From Pope Francis’ Homily on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord 2018, at the Celebration of Mass where many newborn babies were baptised.

“We need the Holy Spirit to transmit the faith; we cannot do it alone. Being able to transmit the faith, the opportunity to transmit it, is a grace of the Holy Spirit; and this is why you have brought your children here: so that they may receive the Holy Spirit, receive the Trinity — the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit — who will dwell in their hearts.

I would like to tell you only one thing, which pertains to you: transmission of the faith can only be done “in dialect”, in the dialect of daddy and mommy, of grandpa and grandma. Then the catechists will come to develop this first transmission, with ideas, with explanations.... But do not forget this: it is done “in dialect”, and if the dialect is missing, if at home that language of love is not spoken between the parents, then the transmission is not very easy; it cannot be done. Do not forget. Your task is to transmit the faith, but to do so with the dialect of love of your home, of your family”

Let us remember what ‘dialect’ we speak in when we talk about the Gospel. For us who are young, we MUST use language that we understand and all the platforms we normally do - so here’s a challenge for us...what was the last thing you posted about faith on your Instagram? If you want to be a disciple of Jesus, you’ve got to tell others about Him - and for you...that place in where you normally are - so don’t be afraid to use things like Instagram to tell other people about Jesus.



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