25th January 2019

Jesus preaches in the synagogue

Just how open are we to hear the word of God, I must admit that sometimes at Mass when I hear the word of God I can say that perhaps I’m guilty of switching off, my concentration lapses and I think about maybe a situation I find myself in, in my life. There have been times though when I have listened intently and I find that the word of God speak to my heart, and give me comfort, I feel as though God is directly speaking to me.
Jesus preaches with confidence in the synagogue because he is filled with the Holy Spirit, he captures everyone’s attention easily, in our own lives we can be a bit lacking with confidence in talking about God in our lives, I know I do. I remember many years ago now on a retreat I was asked to do a TV interview for a local news company. I found myself kneeling down and praying to God to let this opportunity pass, however I felt God saying to me I want you to speak with your heart on my presence in your life. During that time of praying I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill me with confidence and to help me speak freely. The only reason I wanted the opportunity to pass was because I was worried what people thought of me, essentially my own pride. When I finished praying I felt totally uplifted and free and gave the interview with confidence. A few days later the people who I was worried what they thought of me, respecting me more for being bold and confident to speak about my own personal faith. So my point is that we cannot do things alone, but with God anything is possible, don’t under estimate the power of prayer.



Love one another This Sunday we are encouraged to love one another just as Jesus love us. No one is prefect, we all know they we have flaws. Jesus knew this and he didn’t expect us to get it right all the time but he gives us his guiding hand to follow. We are invited […]

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How much do you love me? We’re well into the New Year now and back in Ordinary Time, but today’s readings are anything but ordinary. The account of the wedding feast at Cana is well known and gives us an insight into how much God loves us. When Jesus turned the water into wine, He […]

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