REFLECTION Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

14th September 2018

You are the Christ!

September 16th 2018

If Jesus was to ask you today “Who do you say I am?”, what would you say? Sometimes I find myself having no answer to that question! For the most part I have a very strong faith, a faith that I lean on everyday, not just in times of struggle. But sometimes - my doubts and anxieties creep in. That leads me to say; how can we answer that question if sometimes we don’t feel Jesus all all? How do we keep going with our faith when all the world seems against us? Just look at the Disciples. They faced a whole world of criticism from those around them - AND THEY HAD JESUS THERE WITH THEM!! Jesus, in His wisdom, leaves us with some answers. He says that our journey with Him will be challenging, in fact to truly follow Him we will encounter suffering, our ‘cross’. The cross, for Christians, is a symbol of hope. Hope is really the key here. We see all the pain, torture and horror of the cross transformed into glory. Jesus transforms the emptiness we feel, the pain and the tragedy into a bridge on which we can reach heaven. Let us hope, brothers and sisters, let us trust, let us love and let Jesus transform us with faith.




REFLECTION Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Adoremus – Let us adore September 9th 2018 In the Gospel this weekend we hear of one of Jesus’ miracles. With love He healed the man who was brought before Him. The man’s ears were opened and he was cured. We hear the adoration in the words of the people “He has done all things […]

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Happy 1st Birthday SYMT

Happy Birthday SYMT!  Sophie’s highlights of our first year… September 4th marks one year since we started as Shrewsbury Youth Mission Team! Time has passed so quickly, it doesn’t seem very long since at all since we met with Bishop Mark and discussed his vision for this initiative and yet so much has happened since […]

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