REFLECTION Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

5th October 2018

In today’s Gospel Jesus teaches us against divorce. Only a few weeks ago the Pope visited Ireland for the world gatherings of families. Previously Pope Francis has said “We must reaffirm the right of children to grow up in a family with a Father and Mother.”

Marriage is a sacrament of the Church and therefore should be upheld between husband and wife. The two become one, no one said marriage would be easy but when a couple enter into it they do with the intention to being together as husband and wife for life. As humans we experience many different forms of emotions, some of these emotions really test a marriage. It’s not only human emotions that test a marriage it’s also life’s events in a married couple’s life.

The importance of prayer and staying faithful not just to each other but to God is vital to married life. Somebody once said that “The family that prays and eats together stays together.”

Pope Francis once said “Remember the more you give yourselves to others, the more you will receive and be happy.”

As young people, marriage is something to look forward to in the future, it’s a vocation that some of you will be called to. It’s very important that you pray and seek God’s guidance this will help you discern what it is God is calling you to do in life.

Finally I also remember a quote from Saint Mother Theresa when she was speaking about love and she said “Give, but give until it hurts this is true love.”



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